In the panorama of Sardinian artisan cutlery, the Resolza of Pattada is undoubtedly the most famous and representative knife, symbol of a centuries-old agro-pastoral tradition.
The typical myrtle leaf blade, ideal for a varied and differentiated use, and the solid and elegant handle have made it an indispensable tool in everyday life.
It has a variable length depending on the uses: in the past the original measure of 12 cm was considered ideal for agro pastoral and peasant use to which it was intended.
Nowadays it is in great demand also in the 10 cm size, considered as handy and practical, as well as easily adaptable to different uses.

Customize your Resolza, here are some inspirations

Progetto senza titolo 8
Resolza, cm 10
Coltelli Giagu 3
Resolza, cm 12

Resolza Damasco, cm 10

Resolza, cm 12
38 1
Resolza, cm 12
Progetto senza titolo 35
Resolza Silver Ring, 12 cm
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