Resolza, 12 cm

Resolza, here shown in original size with 12 cm blade and ram’s horn handle in specially selected red, black and brown streaks, brass bolster and rivets. Customizable model with a wide range of materials, from different types of horn with different stripes and colors for the handle, other materials such as wood, fossil ivory. Bolster alternatively in brass, silver nickel or gold with or without filigree.
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Customize your Resolza , here are some inspirations

Progetto senza titolo 8
Resolza, cm 10
Coltelli Giagu 3
Resolza, cm 12
Resolza Damascus, cm 10
Resolza, cm 12
38 1
Resolza, cm 12
Progetto senza titolo 35
Resolza Silver Ring, cm 12
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