Folding Knives

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Progetto senza titolo 8
Resolza, cm 10
Coltelli Giagu 3
Resolza, cm 12
Resolza Damascus, cm 10
Progetto senza titolo 35
Resolza Silver Ring, cm 12

Resolza, cm 12

38 1
Resolza, cm 12
Progetto senza titolo 9

Foggia Antica, cm 9

Progetto senza titolo 34

Foggia Antica, cm 9

20 foggia nuova serramanico 1

Foggia Nuova, cm 8

Foggia Nuova Serramanico Anello 1

Foggia Nuova, cm 8

Foggia Nuova Mignon

Foggia Nuova Mignon, cm 5

11 Corrina Serramanico 12cm
Corrina in folding, cm 12
Coltelli Giagu 4b
Corrina in folding, cm 12
Coltelli Giagu 4
Corrina in folding, cm 12
Progetto senza titolo 11
Corrina Serramanico, cm 14
Coltelli Giagu 9
Antico Avorio Filigrana, cm 12
13 Antico cm 12 cavallo
Antico, cm 12
12 Antico cm 14
Antico, cm 14
14 culter avorio
Culter Avorio, cm 14
Coltelli Giagu 5
Culter in folding, cm 10
Coltelli Giagu8 Elicottero
Elica, cm 12
Coltelli Giagu 7
Foglia, cm 9
Coltelli Giagu 8
Torciglione, cm 12
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The clasp or folding knives are the most suitable to be carried in the pocket and are made with different shapes, suitable for different uses.
They consist of two distinct parts, blade and handle, connected to each other by a metal pin. This allows the blade to rotate and position itself inside the handle, which holds the sharp edge.
The handle is composed of two distinct parts of material joined by rivets, strengthened by a metal structure and often integrated with locking systems that allow you to fix the open blade and use the knife in the same way as a fixed blade, without the danger accidental closures.

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