The Giagu workshop was born in 1985 in Pattada, a small town located in the north of Sardinia, famous worldwide for the production of knives with the typical “myrtle leaf” blade.Following the tradition of this ancient artisan tradition, here are realized exclusive knives, unique pieces renowned not only for the particularity of the shapes and the accurate finishes, but also for the refined selection of materials.
Our knife lines
Tradition, precision, art. These are the precious values that characterize the Giagu workshop, specialized in the creation of both Pattadese knives, the classics of the Sardinian tradition, the patented models and kitchen knives. Thanks to the entirely artisan workmanship it is possible to personalize every single piece.
Pattada knives
Foggia Antica Lama fissa

Classic Knives

Coltelli Giagu 9
Exclusive Knives
coltello chef
Kitchen Knives
Our laboratory
The workshop was founded by Salvatore Giagu and Maria Rosaria Deroma, who are now joined by two of their four children, Adriano and Letizia: together they carry on the work with technical expertise and innovative ideas. The essentiality of the equipment and the preservation of the methods of the ancient Pattada tradition make each knife a special piece with unique and unrepeatable characteristics.
Salvatore Giagu 1
Maria Rosaria De Roma
Adriano Giagu 2
Letizia Giagu
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